Revolutionizing the Shopping Experience

Connect with shoppers, Control media opportunities, Unlock shopper insights.

What We Deliver

More Shoppers in your stores, More Items in your cart, Greater Profits

  • For Consumers

    Our Interactive shopping technology will enrich your shopping experience while providing more efficient, relevant and accessible savings

  • For Retailers

    Our system provides opportunities to connect with shoppers, control delivery of advertising content and unlock opportunities to monetize the in-store media audience.

  • For Advertisers

    We provide the most effective and efficient way to influence brand purchasing and new insights on campaign, shopper path, brand and category performance.

The MediaCart Retail Platform

  • New Tablet Based Smart Cart

    provides fully integrated, easy to use mobile shopping platform.

  • Patent Protected

    with our highly valued portfolio of patents.

  • Scalable

    with low cost cloud, indoor location and connected mobile device management.

  • World Class Management & Development Team

    credited with building first seamless in-store media network with mix of Brand Advertising, Payments & Retail platform experience.

How it Works


Download shopping lists and personalized coupons.
Search for items based on location. Scan items purchased
into cart.


Receive relevant digital promotions
and coupons as you shop. At checkout
savings are applied to qualified purchases


Accept and save digital offers while you shop.
Seamlessly connect loyalty information and
shopping lists for additional promotions.

The Shopping Experience

How our smart cart tablet experience provides shopping value.

Location Triggered Ads

As the shopper enters a location in the grocery store they are served a relevant ad to items in that zone to bring brand and deal awareness to relevant items for the shopper.

Scan Items

The shopper can select the scan button and scan the upc code of any item and place it in their cart.

See Related Products

Information of related items is communicated to trigger incremental sales and increase the transaction

See Cart Total

As the shopper makes their way through the store they will be able to see the cart total as they scan items into their cart.

Organize The Shopping List

Download a shopping list.Scan your loyalty card and shopping list is organized by aisle and show on a store map for ease of shopping.

Product Location Map

The shopper can search for an item they want to find or select an item from their synced shopping list, then see where it is in the store and the quickest path to the item.

For Brand Advertisers

Influence Purchase Decisions where Intent to Buy is Highest.

For The Retailer

Unlock New Shopper Marketing Insights in Every Category

Who Shops My Category?
How Do They Shop?

  • Intent (Shopping List & Past Purchase)
  • Life Stage, Interest & Activity
  • Demographics
  • Category Search & Engagement Metrics
  • Baskets & Purchase Data
  • Shopping Paths & Dwell Times
  • Impact of Promotions

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